• EKINA is a market research and project
    partnering company

    whose fields of activity are largely concentrated in the sphere of shopping centres and malls, large retail outlets and multi uses places.

    OMNILIEUX -EKINA LAB organise agile marketing projects for a global partnership.
    #agileproject #globalplaces #shoppingmalls #marketing #strategy OMNILIEUX-EKINA LAB is focused also on banding, design, commuication for places for desirability

Defining concepts that reflect the way behaviour is evolving.

Key achievements:
Nationwide study of consumer expectations and profiling in terms of out of town business parks,
10 year forward studies on the evolution of shopping centres, in terms of consumer habits and sales channels

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Project guidance

Recommendations following in-depth study and forecasts; Incorporation of our expertise in the thinking for creating and renovating construction sites.
rénovation de sites immobiliers

- Sourcing innovations.
- Setting-up an overall digital strategy
- Creative project guidance focused UX
- Operational and marketing proposals
- Video installations for footfall measurement

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Helping you plan

Incorporation of new technology in shopping centres, organisation of study days on multichannel/cross channel evolution

Proposals for the installation of technology in public areas.

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