Management of working and planning groups,

Guidance and refinement of project positioning strategies.

Qualitative and quantitative research regarding distribution problems

- qualitative studies in group meetings or by informal interview for :
positioning research, qualitatives tests for communications strategies, knowledge about behaviour, …

- opinion poll research throughout France and Europe thanks to our current network of researchers with a maximal daily capacity in the region of 1000 surveys a day to find:
satisfaction levels, image feedback, recognition feedback, target research…

- traffic and value flows for :
site instigation research or further development.

- shoppers experience research, based on their reception, especially to
measure the overall performance of a sales space, or the overall performance of what is generally on offer in shopping areas.

- economic studies

Our marketing guidance service :

20 years of research in the field.
Since 2009, we have guided the development of digital technology for our clients :
By carefully selected skills and the ability to align is required with what is needed.

Our digital development :

Dynamisation of internet sites by search engine experts A real time follow-through for client satisfaction
Back-up services on the basis of individual visits.
Additional digital revenues ….

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