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For five years, EKINA has been following the development of urban culture, a growing trend seen everywhere these days.

WHOLE FOODS MARKETS is one of the first retailers to have a farm on the roof of the shop in BROOKLYN and sales of the products one floor down, so there’s no mistaking their origin. And in terms of economics; no transportation, less pollution, less water use.


Gotham Green was approached by Whole Foods Market for this project, due to its unique position as leader in the business of urban roof top greenhouses in the country.

It started people thinking in France. Why not try out this idea in some urban sites – or wherever?


By looking again at existing sites, as well as those being developed or planned for the future, by incorporating this novel idea into centres and commercial parks, they can become leaders in the field.

Consumers are starting to change – let’s be part of it :


04/25/16 Appli and website with sens: the on line becomes usefull for shopping.The founder is not a simple geek and we feel it : she want shopping! she wants to find everything she likes!.... We hear a lot of it in the medias, WISHIBAM ca, become quickly important... Opportunity for the brands, but also for the shopping centers , because they can use it as a "plus".... WISHIBAM or SELECTIONNIST? the winner will be the consumer for more service...

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